Sandblasting & Other Commercial Services in Richland, WA

Sandblasting Services

Maintaining the appearance and condition of your commercial facilities is of the utmost importance in projecting a positive image and remaining credible amongst your customers and employees. To ensure the cleanliness and composure of your facilities, trust APEX Exterior Cleaning for pressure washing and sandblasting services in Richland, Kennewick, Tri-Cities, Pasco, and West Richland, WA! Our depth of experience and wide range of services is suited to accommodate just about any business need, including:
Sandblasting Services

  • Aviation: We’re equipped to power wash commercial airlines, single engine planes, helicopters and more. Your planes need to be in the best possible flying condition, both inside and outside. Our power-washing is fast, affordable and efficient, to keep your aircraft in top condition.
  • Commercial buildings: The façade of a building is the face of your business: let us help keep it looking clean and clear. A dingy building doesn’t draw in customers and can negatively shape their impression of your abilities—let us make sure this doesn’t happen!
  • Spider web removal: Spider webs can be a nuisance wherever they’re spun. Make sure that your grounds are free of spider webs and let us remove them permanently, in a way that’s completely safe and absolutely affordable.
  • Restaurant cleaning: No one wants to eat in a dirty restaurant, so you need your business to look great, both inside and outside. We’re prepared to provide competitively-priced cleaning services that address all facets of restaurant cleaning, to keep your venue sparklingly clean and appealing to diners of all types.
  • Exterior surfaces: We can quickly and effectively wash and clean any exterior surfaces with our expert power cleaning and sandblasting services, from concrete to brick and more. We’re the leading experts when it comes to persistent stains and rust removal in Richland, WA.
  • Gum removal: Over time, you may find unwanted gum dried up in strange places that isn’t easy to get off! Call us for affordable removal that protects your property.
    Dumpsters and compost bins: Make sure that your trash receptacles are clean and hygienic, to avoid potential health hazards. We can take clean them up quickly so you don’t have to.
  • Windows: Let our experts take care of your window cleaning. From hard water buildups to bird droppings and beyond, whatever plagues your windows will be quickly resolved by our experts. You’ll enjoy a clean, streak-free view of the outdoors in no time.
  • Fleet vehicles: Your trucks are the core of your business—call us to get the assistance of seasoned power-washing professionals in keeping them in a state you can be proud of. We’ll blast through dirt and grime in no time, to keep your vehicle in prime condition.
  • Heavy equipment: Your heavy machinery and vehicles take a lot of abuse. Take care of them so they last you for decades to come: hire us to keep them in great shape by cutting through accumulated dirt and debris to leave behind only a gleaming façade.
  • Graffiti removal: With our powerful, eco-friendly formula, we can wash graffiti away quickly and easily, leaving your property as good as new, without harming the environment!
  • Bird waste removal, clean up and prevention: The problems of a major bird population can really add up for a business. Call us and we’ll give you effective, competitively-priced services that will clean up the existing waste and even minimize future incidents.
  • Concrete restoration and resealing: Your concrete surfaces will look like new with our expert cleaning and resealing services. We can help you lengthen the lifespan of your concrete to save you money. Plus, we’re equipped for intensive projects like oil stain and rust treatments in Richland, WA!
  • Paint prepping and old paint removal: Get a fresh look for your commercial property with our paint services. We’ll make sure that your surfaces are ready for your plans, from the stripping of old paint to the priming of your surface for a new coat.
  • Grease traps and bio waste containers: Even the toughest residues are no match for our power-washing equipment! Grease and oil are notoriously hard to clean, but our team is up to the task, to keep these amenities fully functional.

Comprehensive Commercial Cleanups

If you require power cleaning or sandblasting services in Richland, WA for any of the applications listed above, please don’t hesitate to contact APEX Exterior Cleaning today to learn more about how we can assist you! We can be reached at 509-438-4595 for estimates.