Industrial Washing Services in Richland, WA

industrial power washingThe need for industrial power cleaning in Richland, WA spans a wide range of applications and serves a number of purposes. From keeping surfaces clean and free of debris, to preventing organic buildups that might cause rust or erosion, power cleaning is a supremely effective way to address any and all industrial cleaning needs.

APEX Exterior Cleaning has a depth of experience in washing for industrial settings, and we pride ourselves on being able to address any and all unique cleaning and washing needs you might have. Take a look at some of the routine jobs we’re experienced in working with:

  • Power transformers: Power transformers need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly, to prevent rusting and organic buildups that might lead to future failures. Our experienced professionals will ensure the job is approach with absolute safety in mind and we’ll thoroughly power wash each unit to ensure optimal cleanliness moving forward.
  • Trains, boxcars and rail recovery units: When you hire our team, you’ll receive total cleaning services for your entire transportation network. We can blast debris and other buildups off of trains, boxcars and rail recovery units to improve both their look and their function while out on the rails.
  • Ships: Ships face all sorts of weathering while out on the water and eventually, organic matter (barnacles) begin to build up. If not removed quickly and thoroughly, they can eat away at the hull and can exorbitant damages that’ll cost you huge sums to fix. Instead, treat your ship to a thorough and complete washing from our experts, to keep it in top working order.
  • Graffiti: If your buildings or property have been defaced by graffiti or offensive art, trust us to remove it completely, leaving no trace behind. We’re graffiti removal experts and will make quick work of any unwanted markings, no matter the size, shape, color or location.

Industrial Washing Applications

In addition to the more general jobs above, we’re also proud to have the resources and expertise needed to provide industrial washing service in Richland, WA to a range of specialized settings. Our professionals can clean factory towers, vents and pipes at a great low price that’s only beaten by our excellent service!

When you need industrial washing in Richland, Kennewick, Tri-Cities, Pasco, or West Richland, WA, trust APEX Exterior Cleaning to deliver best-in-class services across any and all applications. Contact us today at 509-438-4595 for more information about our sandblasting and cleaning capabilities or pricing for specific jobs.