Pressure Cleaning in Kennewick, WA

Have you noticed that your windows, driveway, or storefront seems dingy? If so, it’s time to call APEX Exterior Cleaning in Kennewick, WA. From washing your commercial fleet to removing faded, peeling paint from your home’s exterior, we have you covered. Our specialty services include graffiti and gum removal, resealing your concrete surfaces, and so much more!

Residential Services

Give your home a makeover with residential pressure washing services such as window washing, fence restoration, and driveway cleaning. Our residential washing services include:

  • Driveways: Power cleaning restores the surface of your driveway, sidewalk, and other hardscapes. Remove tire marks, dirt, oil stains, and other materials for a like-new appearance.
  • Window cleaning: Grime and scale can leave your windows dirty and detract from your home’s curb appeal. Call us to scour away the dirt and debris that accumulate over the years for a clearer view you will notice immediately.
  • Gutter cleaning: Leaves, twigs, and other debris stick fast in your gutters. Our washing equipment clears out your gutters for free-flowing storm runoff.
  • Roof cleaning: Moss, leaves, twigs, and branches can damage your shingles and leave your home looking unkempt. On the other hand, washing restores the natural beauty of your roofing material.

Commercial Services

Do you need commercial washing services for your restaurant, commercial building, aviation inventory, or commercial fleet? Here are a few of the many applications that make commercial washing in Kennewick so essential:

  • Aviation: From small private craft to Leer jets and more, we can keep your aircraft sparkling in the sky and on the tarmac. We can also remove oil stains from the hanger floor.
  • Commercial buildings: From tall office buildings to single-story storefronts, the facade of your business will create a lasting impression on your customers. To draw in foot traffic and keep tenants and customers comfortable, we can quickly power wash your commercial property with lasting results.
  • Spider web removal: Spider webs, bird waste, and old gum on the exterior of your building can make your business look more like a haunted house than a place of business. Count on us for spiderweb removal the fast and easy way.
  • Restaurant cleaning: Cleanliness matters in the restaurant industry. That also goes for the outside of your building. Contact us for an inviting, fresh look diners appreciate.

Benefits of Power Cleaning in Kennewick

There are many benefits to investing in power cleaning in Kennewick, including the following:

  • Save time
  • Prime surfaces for painting
  • Increase curb appeal
  • Preserve property value
  • Remove graffiti, dirt, and grime

Why Choose APEX Exterior Cleaning?

APEX Exterior Cleaning in Kennewick, WA, is locally owned and has been in business since 1998. In that time, we have proven our commitment to leaving behind clean, sparkling surfaces that help maintain and increase the value of commercial and residential properties in Kennewick, Pasco, Richland and the surrounding communities.

Contact Us

Contact us to learn more about our residential or commercial washing in Kennewick, WA. We deliver maximum cleaning power that won’t harm your property’s exterior surfaces.