Solar Panel Cleaning in Northwest, WA

man cleaning solar panelsIf your home or business employs solar paneling and reaps the benefits of clean, green energy, it’s important that you’re continually investing in them via proper cleaning, care and maintenance. Cleaning off solar panels in regular intervals means removing debris, dirt and dust that could hinder UV light from reaching the panels, which means decreased efficiency from your light collection system.

APEX Exterior Cleaning is pleased to provide solar panel cleaning in Richland, WA and area to homes and businesses intent on maintaining superior form and function from their panels. We have seasoned expertise in cleaning these delicate systems and strive to make sure your installation is getting the care and attention it needs, delivered by careful professionals utilizing only industry best practices.

Solar panel cleaning, done right

The nuances of proper solar panel cleaning in Richland, WA are numerous and important to observe, to ensure that cleaning isn’t causing damage or reducing the efficiency or effectiveness of the panels themselves.

  • Panels must be not only washed, but dried as well! Because heat energy quickly evaporates moisture, excess debris must be wiped away before it has a chance to dry on the panel, nullifying the prior cleaning.
  • No abrasive cleaning materials can be used, since they’re liable to mar the surface of the panel and cause inefficiencies over time.
  • Washing mixtures must not contain any abrasives or harsh chemicals, which can cause the surface to become permanently blemished, again reducing the collection capabilities of the panel.

There are numerous other considerations to be made when it comes to washing technique, equipment and materials, making it imperative that you always trust an experienced solar panel cleaning company in Richland, WA.

When to clean your panels?

Many people often ask when their panels should be cleaned. The answer depends on your panels and the amount of debris and weathering they’re subject to. For some, cleanings are required annually; for others, biannually; and for still more quarterly cleanings are advised. The only way to truly tell is to inspect your panels for debris and other buildups and to keep an eye on collection rates for signs of inefficiency.

Once you have an idea of how frequently your panels require cleaning or to what degree cleanings are required, it’s important to get onto a service schedule that will ensure optimal functionality from your panels all year round. Staying on a service track also means extending the life of your panels and ensuring optimal collection at all times.

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If and when the time comes for solar panel cleaning in Richland, Kennewick, Tri-Cities, Pasco, Sunnyside or West Richland, WA, make sure you’re consulting with the professionals at APEX Exterior Cleanhing first and foremost. Our talented soft washing experts have a depth of experience in cleaning and handling solar panel installations, and are pleased to offer you an unparalleled level of service you can see!

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