Roof Pressure Washing

residential roof cleaningYour home’s roof is perhaps the single most important component of its façade—if it becomes compromised in any way, your entire home is at risk. One of the leading causes of roofing damage is from settling debris, which can break down and decompose on the roof, leading to shingle decay and more. APEX Exterior Cleaning is here to make sure you’re not a victim of unseen roofing damage: we’ll blast away debris to keep your roof in top condition!

Our approach to roof cleaning in Richland, WA is thorough and proactive: we pinpoint areas of concern and wash them back to a high level of cleanliness and resilience. Our experts are adept at recognizing all types of roofing detractors, including:

  • Plant matter: Nearby trees may look nice on your property, but if they’re dropping leaves and twigs on your roof, they could be causing major harm to your home! Windswept plants can also end up on your roof, where they’ll come to rest and start to fester. The solution? Power cleaning plat matter away before it can decompose and detract from your shingles.
  • Organic growths: Mold, mildew and lichen are all common growths found on shingle roofs that have been left unprotected from weathering. If you see small patches of brown or green on your roof, it means a colony has already started to form. Have organic growths blasted with a pressure washer to remove them entirely, and to protect your roof from further growth in the future.
  • Other debris: Anything that’s on your roof that’s not supposed to be has the potential to cause it harm. From bird droppings to windswept trash, everything needs to go! Have a power cleaning professional target these unwanted buildups and remove them from your roof entirely. Your roof will thank you!


Roof Cleaners

Roof washing in Richland, Kennewick, Tri-Cities, Pasco, and West Richland, WA is a supremely effective way to protect your roof and, in turn, your home from the external forces that may seek to damage it. It’s far cheaper than roofing repairs and absolutely more convenient than replacing your roof!

The ideal times to invest in roof cleaning in Richland, WA are before spring and fall, when your roof is bound to see the most accumulation of debris. And while bi-annual cleanings are encourage to maintain the utmost roof cleanliness, yearly cleanings are acceptable for homeowners with newer roofs.

For more information about roof cleaning and other residential pressure washing services in Richland, WA or to inquire about pricing to have your roof cleaned, contact us and give APEX Exterior Cleaning a call today at 509-438-4595.