Soft Washing Services

house siding cleaningIn addition to your home’s roofing, its siding is tremendously important in protecting your home from the elements, as well as for improving its efficiency and appearance. Having your siding cleaned from time to time can make a huge difference in the way it looks, while also helping to extend the life of your siding!

Soft washing in Richland, WA is a method of cleaning homes via low-pressure cleaning. This unique technique serves to blast away organic debris and other buildups, without causing damage to your siding itself. The result is clean, clear siding that looks like new, without any underlying damage that might have otherwise stemmed from cracked or warped panels.

Low-pressure home washing is somewhere between the rugged effectiveness of full pressure washing and the gentle cleaning of a garden hose, giving you the best of both worlds, without any risk to your home!

Why soft wash?

As mentioned above, the benefits of soft washing your home are numerous and widespread, making it a great investment for homeowners:

  • Improved look: Your siding will sparkle once again! Between the wind, sun, rain, snow and just about anything else it will encounter throughout the year, your siding can lose its luster quickly. Soft washing brings it back to a like-new state, to help your home stand out brightly against the block.
  • Longevity of siding: Siding, like your roofing, won’t last forever… but it can last for extended periods with proper care and maintenance. Soft washing helps to keep your siding clean and resilient, extending its life beyond those left to bear the brunt of the outdoors.
  • Debris removal: From dirt and dust to bird droppings and other debris, just about anything has the potential to build up on your home’s façade and bring its appearance down. Buildups also lead to damage as well, making it in your best interest to have them removed.

Quality Soft Washing

With all of the above and more to look forward to, a soft washing service in Richland, Kennewick, Tri-Cities, Pasco, or West Richland, WA is one of the best exterior investments you can make for your home!

To learn more about the soft washing process for rust removal and other jobs or to inquire about APEX Exterior Cleaning‘s capabilities and pricing as they pertain to your home, contact us today at 509-438-4595.