Pressure Cleaning in Prosser, WA

When your car gets dirty, it’s likely that you either drive through a professional car wash or take out the hose and a bucket of soapy water and do it yourself. When your house gets dirty, things get a bit more complicated. Many watch dirt, dust, cobwebs, and in some cases even graffiti build up on the front and side of their home, while doing little more than trying to ignore the damage or hoping that they will be able to afford a housepainter or that they will be able to replace their siding. Meanwhile, each new smudge eats away at the property value. But there is a way to keep the elements from causing too much wear and tear on your home by ordering pressure cleaning services.

Complete Cleaning Services

Whether you own a commercial building or a residential home in Prosser, WA, APEX Exterior Cleaning has locations in Richland and Kennewick, WA, both within an hour of Prosser and within our service area to give your building or home the facelift it deserves.

Residential Services

If you are looking to give your home a good washing, APEX Exterior Cleaning is a great place to find pressure cleaning and related services that can make your home look its best. When we come to look at your home, and survey what services you can benefit from, we will look beyond cleaning the siding. Pressure washing can also be applied to clearing the surface of your driveway, cleaning your gutters, and even clearing off your roof, making your home look years younger.

In addition to house washing, we can also handle window washing, because not every window in your home can be fully maintained with paper towels and a bottle of glass cleaner. Windows on the second floor or higher and large windows and sliding glass doors can be especially challenging to keep clean, especially with the various debris floating around outside. We can safely clean all those hard-to-reach windows with our professional tools.

Commercial Services

If you own or manage a commercial building, such as an apartment complex, a restaurant, or an aviation building in Prosser, WA you can also benefit from pressure cleaning services. Giving your building a fresh look makes your building more attractive to potential customers. Power cleaning can remove grease stains from hanger floors, and wash both private aircraft and large jets with the attention you give your own personal vehicle. Commercial buildings easily gather all sorts of messiness, from bird waster to graffiti, to spider webs and used gum. Any business that starts looking worn on the outside is likely to discourage a few customers. If that building is a restaurant, cleanliness is even more important, not just for looks, but it can even impact the health of your employees or customers. Having APEX take care of pressure cleaning the outside of your building will give you one less thing to worry about,

Benefits of Power Cleaning

You cannot effectively clean a building, whether it’s a house or a commercial building several stories high, with a garden hose and a sponge. Dirt, grime, and debris (natural and man-made) compromise the integrity and the value of the building. If you plan to paint, having a clean slate that you get after pressure cleaning will assure that your home or commercial building gets a great start.

Why Choose Us

At APEX Exterior Cleanng we have been helping people in the Northwest region take care of cleaning the outside of their homes and businesses since 1998. Just like you, we are members of the community and are proud to be members of the United Association of Contract Cleaners. With our experience and dedication, we are ready to give your property the clean it deserves. To learn more, or to get a quote contact us at 509-438-4595.