What is “Soft Washing” and Why is it Important for Your Home?

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If your home is looking dull and worn under years of dirt build-up, it may be time to consider pressure washing. Pressure washing is a cost effective way to improve the appeal of your home, without using any gimmick cleaning techniques or harsh chemicals.

While pressure washing is a great way to remove oil stains from your driveway, it can be potentially damaging to the exterior of your home due to the extreme power. Luckily soft washing has the same effect as pressure washing in Richland, WA… with the added benefit that it will leave your siding intact. Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring a professional to soft wash your home:

Low-pressure but high power

Soft washing uses a low-pressure stream of water to strip the dirt and organic debris off of the exterior of your home. While the name may be leave you imagining a weak stream of water, soft washing is just as powerful as pressure washing when it comes to leaving your home beautifully clean. By choosing soft washing, you can easily increase the overall value of your property without having to spend valuable time and money re-painting your home as a result of unnecessary damages.

Improved appearance

The effects of the elements can leave the siding on your home looking dull and grey after months of exposure. Using pressure washing in Richland, WA can quickly brighten up the exterior of your home. Soft washing will leave your siding looking brand new.

Won’t damage surfaces

Soft washing uses a low-pressure water system that is gentle enough it won’t damage the exterior surface of your home. Traditional pressure washing can damage the siding if too much pressure is used. Luckily, soft washing has the same benefits as pressure washing without the risk of ruining the siding of your home. Your home will be the cleanest on the block in no time with soft washing.

Easily removes debris

From dirt and dust to bird droppings and beyond, the siding on your home gets quite a bit of abuse. This build-up on the façade of your home can decrease the overall appearance drastically. The same accumulation can even damage your siding. Soft washing is an efficient way to remove the dirt and debris clinging to the sides of your house.

More effective than pressure washing

No matter how high pressure the water stream is, it may not be enough to remove tough dirt stains. Soft washing will remove the stains and growth while also preventing the growth from coming back quickly. Soft washing is so effective that you will need to have exterior cleaning done less often than with pressure washing.

Increase the longevity of your siding

Like any aspect of your home, the appearance and quality of your siding is bound to decrease over time. But proper care and maintenance can help to increase the lifespan. Soft washing will help keep your siding clean, resilient and looking beautiful for years to come.

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