Factors That Require Rust Removal Service in Richland, WA

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Rust stains are unsightly and annoying when they show up on your driveway or any concrete surface. There may no significant impacts to the condition of these surfaces from rust, but it does not do much for your home’s curb appeal or the impression of your restaurant, storefront or professional office, either. If you are considering rust removal service in Richland, WA, here are the general causes of rust problems, a few prevention tips and suggestions for removing rust.

It’s all about water

Rust is very common because most outdoor spaces contain a combination of metal elements and concrete. If your restaurant has an extensive outdoor patio with a concrete floor, you may very well also have an embellished metal fence with a stylized gate. That keeps non-customers from invading your space and gives your establishment a distinctive look. However, one rainy winter, the fence gets wet and starts to rust. As the rust-orange water drips from the fence, it creates stains on your concrete.

Basically, anytime metal and concrete hang out together, you risk rust stains. Even if you have a canopy or eaves to protect these outdoor spaces in the wintertime, rain and snowmelt eventually make contact. Condensation builds under any tarps or other coverings, which can also lead to rust. Chances are, you will start the spring finding rust stains on concrete, whether it is your lovely restaurant patio or personal outdoor space at home.

Water will also bring out the natural properties of concrete and cause stains to appear. As rust accumulates, stains will rise. If there is rebar or other metal infrastructure in that particular place, the rust stains will emerge after heavy precipitation.


It is more likely that you will reduce the likelihood of rust stains rather than completely eliminate them. Unless you are able to remove metalwork or cover a concrete area completely, the interaction of wet metal with concrete will happen to some extent. You can minimize the effects by covering the areas as much as possible and adding shelter to your outdoor spaces.

Fertilizers can also contribute to rust stains. Many contain iron, and the same interaction with water and concrete applies there, too. If the rust appears at your business site, cover your outdoor areas if you know landscapers are working that day. At home, choose fertilizers without iron and be careful with how fertilizer spreads when you use it.

For smaller stains, you can use a consumer rust removal product if you act quickly. Many detergents available at hardware stores will work if you are in a pinch and need a stain gone now. For more serious stains, or those that cover a large area, you are likely better off calling a professional cleaning service.

Rust stains are not a flattering addition to your home or business exterior. To retain rust removal service in Richland, WA and make your outdoor spaces appear neat once again, contact Imperial Power Washing. We are the Northwest’s premier power washing company and we will improve the appearance of your home or business.

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