How Your Home Can Benefit from Pressure Washing Services

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Winter is rough on your home, especially since it is often too wet or cold outside to perform exterior maintenance until the temperatures rise. As you transition from winter to spring, consider pressure washing services in Richland, WA. Imperial Power Washing can improve appearance and curb appeal just as spring begins. Here are some services that prove useful to homeowners:

  • Driveway cleaning: Your car may have leaked coolant, or a bad battery may have made its presence known with acid stains on your driveway. Any fluid an automobile leaks makes for an unattractive mark. We can clean oil, battery acid and rust from your driveway and improve the overall presentation of your property. You do not have to view those stains all summer long!
  • Garage pads and concrete cleaning: If you actually have room in your garage for a car, the same leakage can occur. We can clean this indoor area as well as the driveway. Concrete patios often need cleaning too since they can accumulate dirt, mold and moss. Power washing can make all your concrete surfaces look much better.
  • Roof cleaning: Winter brings all sorts of debris and plant matter to your roof. It is unlikely any homeowner wants to climb up on the roof during the wintertime, so it all lingers up there until someone comes by to hose or sweep it off. Mold, mildew and lichen can all take hold and grow on your roof, too, which risks reducing its resiliency. Allowing lichen and moss to continue means a roof replacement happening sooner. Cleaning it all up not only helps preserve your roof but makes it look better, too.
  • Window cleaning: If your house is more than one story, cleaning the upper-story windows is likely not a task that attracts enthusiasm. It may be impossible to finish it safely with the equipment you have available, and even if you made an attempt, your windows may not be cleaned that thoroughly. Hiring professional window cleaners gets the job done effectively and with little risk to you. We can also clean skylights and sliding glass doors. Soon, you can look out your windows with only a clean view ahead of you.
  • Cleaning gutters: Very few homeowners enjoy this odious task, and if you are busy or unable to stay steady on a ladder, delegating it to a professional is the best thing to do. You can accomplish other tasks while we clean your gutters and rest assured it is finished completely. There is no dread about this chore. Instead, you get to enjoy functioning gutters without another task interfering with plans that would be much more fun.
  • Graffiti removal: It is not common for homeowners to face graffiti, but when they do, it requires quick attention and removal. It takes more than just soap, water and elbow grease. Imperial Power Washing has the detergents and tools required to make graffiti a distant memory.

To hire professional power washing services in Richland, WA, contact Imperial Power Washing today. We look forward to giving your home a clean, fresh look!

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