How to Select a Quality Power Washing Service in Richland, WA

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Is your driveway or the siding on your house looking faded under a layer of dirt? Then it may be time to consider power washing. Power washing is an easy and cost efficient way to handle outside cleaning projects. The high powered water stream blasts dirt and grime away to quickly improve the appearance of your home.

This is a job best left to the professionals though. A power washing service knows the best techniques to leave your home looking good as new. But it may not be best to call the first business in the phone book. Here are a few tips to help you select a quality power washing service in Richland, WA:

Check reviews

A company’s reputation within your community is often one of the most reliable indicators of whether a business is honest and dependable. Check for online reviews to get a clear sense of the quality of work by companies in your areas. Look over their website for any client testimonials. If possible, contact previous customers to get a true perspective on the company’s quality of work. Ask specifically about their ability to meet deadlines and if the pricing is fair.

Ask about licensing and experience

Make sure any vendor you select is licensed to save yourself both time and money in the long run. While it may seem simple, pressure cleaning actually requires both skill and countless hours of training to ensure that the job is done correctly. An inexperienced worker could easily damage your property and home.

Licensing ensures that the company has gone through the proper procedures to become a legal business, which takes a significant investment of both time and money. Even though hiring an unlicensed company may seem cheaper, you may end up paying even more for their questionable work in the long run.

Consider the equipment

Take the time to ask about the equipment and any products the company regularly uses. Many cheap products are filled with dangerous chemicals that could potentially be hazardous when combined with the wastewater that is produced during the power washing process. Some cleaning solutions could also damage your driveway, grass or the siding on your home.

A high quality power washing company should always use professional-grade equipment. You may also want to ask about how their employees dispose of the wastewater that is discharged from the power washer—you wouldn’t want this possible hazardous material draining into your grass!

Get an estimate

Most companies understand that you want high quality work at a reasonable price, so they’ll be more than happy to provide a written estimate. A quality business will offer a free inspection and price estimate before the contract is signed. Be realistic about your budget—don’t anticipate to get five-star work at a ridiculously low price. Remember that the lowest quote might not be the best option. Typically, the companies advertising deals that seem too good to be true are usually new to the industry and may not have the experience needed for the job.

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