How Do You Keep Your Windows Clean Longer?

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Keeping your windows clean year-round might seem to be a challenging task. However, it is particularly important because clean windows maintain your home’s curb appeal and help you feel comfortable in your home. If you wonder how you can keep them clean for a longer period, keep reading this article that contains useful information and tips.

Why Do My Windows Get Dirty So Fast?

There are several factors that make clean windows begin to look dirty and cloudy again:

  • Polluted air. If the air is filled with such pollutants as soot, mold spores, and pollen, your windows may get dirty fast. It is especially common during the winter months when pollution particles are suspended in the air.
  • Hard water. Many homeowners make a common mistake of rinsing their windows with hard water from a hose between window cleanings to keep them clean for a longer period. Even though you may think it is a good idea, the truth is that rinsing makes them look even dirtier.
  • Outdoor wind. If your home is not shielded from the wind by surrounding buildings, your windows become dirty more quickly. This happens because the wind kicks up dust and dirt, causing it to become airborne.

How to Keep Your Windows Clean?

Here is a list of several tips that you should follow to keep your windows clean:

  • Remove the window screens. Windows screens help at keeping bugs out. However, they may also make your windows dirty because they trap dirt and rain. That is why it is better to remove them for the winter months.
  • Clean around the windows. One of the best ways to keep your windows clean is to clean things around your windows too. For example, dusty blinds and curtains are one of the leading causes of dirty windows. Therefore, cleaning them helps keep your windows clean for a longer period.
  • Use a pressure washer to clean your windows. Pressure washing is one of the best methods to clean windows, after which they remain clean for a longer period. Consider hiring a professional specializing in this method.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Windows?

As mentioned above, pressure washing is one of the best and most effective ways to clean windows. This washing method removes dust, dirt, mud, and other pollutants. After pressure washing, windows remain clean for a longer period.

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