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How Do You Make Old Brick Look New Again?

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Bricks are a feasible masonry material but require appropriate maintenance. For the exterior of your brickwork, look new again after fading out; it requires occasional brick cleaning, relevant repair, and proper care. The constant change of weather and sunlight causes wear and tear to bricks. Other elements and dirt are also an agent for the fading bricks. Trust Imperial Power Washing for all your brick cleaning services to restore the previous glory of your bricks. The following reasons may make one decide to revamp your bricks:

  • Easy maintenance- Unlike other materials, a brick surface does not readily show the signs of dirt, thus a better way to save resources in the long run as one requires less maintenance for maintenance and repair.
  • High-Quality Insulation- bricks give an additional layer to your house that works against extreme temperatures. The heat outside the home is insulated from entering the house, and one does not require artificial cooling or heating, thus saving on energy down the line.
  • Fire Resistant- Walls made from bricks are fire resistant and harmful weather. The possibility of hazards and fire is greatly minimized, keeping you and your loved ones safe and secure. It is imperative to note that bricks can withstand a lot of heat as they are made from noncombustible property.
  • Eco-Friendly- Building a brick house does not misuse a lot of natural resources as fireproof materials are environmentally friendly.
  • Increases in Home Value- Bricks houses are highly sought in the housing market. The brick wall’s exteriors are attractive and gorgeous for home buyers and onlookers. The durability and strength of bricks make it a factor that raises the value of a brick house.

To make the old brick look new again, you can restore the color of the brick. You can restore your bricks to look brand new with expertise and time. Some of the preferred methods for restoration in Washington include:

  • Clean Dirty Bricks- Easy-to-handle household tools, such as a vacuum cleaner, can be used to remove dust and dirt from the bricks. One must always make sure to wet the bricks before using cleaners. Use dish soap mixed with table salt to scrub the dirt off.
  • Replace Loose Bricks- Losing loose bricks helps change the face of an old brick wall to look newer. Placing wet mortar and dampening the cavity in places the new brick will be essential in ensuring that the joints are adequately sealed and waterproof. Once the mortar dries entirely, and the unwanted parts are removed, the new brickwork will transform the general look of your house.
  • Get Rid of Stubborn Stains- Deep-set stains can be removed cautiously using acid cleaners. One must wear appropriate gear as the cleaners can damage objects due to their highly corrosive nature.
  • Exterior Brick Mortar Joints Repair- Renewing the outer parts of the brick joints and using a wire brush to remove the dirt.
  • Painting- Use concrete paint to bring life to an old brick; a sealer is applied to prevent the bricks from weathering and to lock the color. A perfect brick colored design will display your desired personality.
  • Sealer Application- Applied in several ways, a clear coating sealer improves the color of the old brick. A pneumatic sprayer is used for larger areas, while a paintbrush or roller is used for smaller ones.
  • Drying time- Depending on the brand of the sealer, time of the year, humidity, and the thickness of the coat, enough time must be allowed for the sealer to soak into the brick and dry up satisfactorily.

One of the best ways to get rid of grime from the bricks is to use a pressure washer. Building up mold, moss, and mildew that needs to be removed. One may decide to use a garden hose to brighten up the brick walls. To prevent the dirt from returning, cleaning a lot of times could be a solution. Are you in the Tri-Cities, Richland, Pasco, West Richard, and Kennewick, WA, and need your old brick wall refurbished? Contact us or visit us at Imperial Power Washing, and we promise to bring your old brickwork back to its previous glorious life.

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