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How Often Should Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

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Do solar panels need to be cleaned? Solar panel cleaning is crucial when one needs optimal performance of your panels. Occasional cleaning of your panels will keep off dirt and dust, which will help electricity generation at maximum. Efficiency increase is realized once cleaning of your solar panels is done. Does cleaning solar panels make a difference? Reduced efficiency is observed in dirty panels as opposed to clean ones. Leaves, bird droppings, dust, and dirt, prevent the panel from operating at its highest efficiency level. General uncleanness affects the optimal functions of a panel, thus adversely affecting the efficiency ratings. Imperial Power Washing is your ultimate solution to your solar panel cleaning needs in Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, West Richland, and Tri-Cities, WA. We also serve towns and area cities of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.

When the light reaching the cells is prevented, an efficiency reduction is inevitable. Bird droppings, pollution, or even dust from traffic may obstruct the panels, which are some factors causing this in efficiency. Despite being the easiest to fix, a dirty system is one of the most significant factors affecting the amount of power produced by your solar panel. How often should solar panels be cleaned? Regular inspection and cleaning of your solar panels every six months or annually are always good as they prevent the issues from developing immediately. A decrease of up to 6% of solar output is realized yearly due to collected particles such as soil, sand, ash, calcium, silica, limestone, or dust that negatively impact your solar system’s maximum productivity.

There are many ways to identify the need for solar panel cleaning, which include:

  • Monitoring service- The use of a monitoring system is a good backup for monitoring the condition and status of the solar panels. Constant watching your system’s performance levels helps prevent damage and increases your panel’s lifespan.
  • Physical inspection- Regular inspection of your panels is necessary, especially in common unfavorable weather conditions, or dust is a significant problem.
  • Solar array production of electricity over a specified period- Information on whether the system is performing at optimal levels or is offline is received with the help of a monitoring system. It can also point out the amount of CO2 hindered from entering the atmosphere or even the amount of power saved.
  • Frequency of rainwater- Rain tends to wash away most unwanted residue, preventing sunlight from accessing your panels. In areas with minimal or no rainfalls, you need more frequent cleaning of your panels to remove such unwanted materials.

Because of liability and safety reasons, we do not recommend one cleaning their panels for themselves. Danger may be witnessed when one ascends to the rooftop scrubbing the panels because of the delicate nature and our “safety first” principle. However, dishwashing soap and warm water will remove the built-up dust if you decide to do it yourself. Reaching safely at the rooftop is a big challenge, so we highly discourage it.

Sourcing a professional service to clean your solar panels is the safest way to go about it. Finding a reputable and good one will not only sort you out but also give expert information on costs and frequency of cleaning your panels, thus saving you a big deal of money that otherwise would be wasted. Buying services from a professional with the appropriate knowledge and equipment and insurance helps mitigate risks that may occur in case of accidents while in the line of duty.

Spraying cold water could potentially damage your panels when they are hot. Cleaning them on cooler days or in the evening or morning is ideal to avoid such unnecessary events. You should avoid hard water, detergents, and abrasive tools that may cause streaks or scratch the glass on your panel. One should always check with the manufacturers of your panels or a qualified professional if it’s safe to clean their panels to avoid damages or even tampering with the warranty.

For all your solar panel cleaning needs, whether on commercial or residential property, contact us at Imperial Power Washing. You will be a happy customer and save your pocket as the efficiency in electricity production will be highly improved.

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