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How Do You Maintain a Parking Garage?

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A parking garage can be intimidating to maintain because of its size. The good news is that when you have the right tools and experience in tackling massive areas of work, it is not bad at all. In fact, by not looking at the entire picture, breaking the areas down section by section, and having the proper planning, it can go quickly. 

So, how do you maintain a parking garage? Hiring some help (like from, say, Imperial Power Washing) and having a good team that works methodically will not only have the job done essentially, but it will also make you look professional. Having a plan to stay on top of situations and not letting them get out of hand is key to maintaining the greatest jobs. 

We can look at about eight areas of ideas to keep up with the maintenance and cleanliness of a parking garage. Start by ensuring the equipment is up for the job, and the workers are fired up about getting the job done right the first time. 

Maintenance is Everything

Parking garages are designed to have cars parked as close to a business as possible in areas where parking is prohibited on the streets. The vehicles must be in a well-maintained place. 

The parking garage is part of a business, and in some cases where people have to pay to park, it makes extra money for the company. So, keeping up with maintenance works in favor of the parking and for the business. It is an excellent investment, and here are eight ways to stay on top of the parking garage. 

Continuously Inspect the Parking Garage

Minor problems can become costly disasters if not inspected. It is essential that, at least once to twice a month, look for cracks, and potholes. Check out the foundations and walls (both interior and exterior). 

Keep Up with the Parking Lot Lines

It is wise to redo the lines in the parking garage every two years. Over time, as the vehicles drive over the lines, they will start to fade. If the parking garage has freshly painted lines, it will almost glow and show off professionalism, leaving the drivers satisfied with the parking area.

Keep Up with the Drainage System

Sitting water can, over time, erode even concrete walls and floors. It will also leave the area open to mold, mildew, and algae growing inside, causing foul odors and corroding structures. A garage power washing company will do the trick. 

Check Out the Landscape Often

If you want the parking garage to look nice, keep up with the landscaping, such as bushes, flowerbeds, and other plants around the building. Poorly designed landscaping can give a wrong first impression.

Fill the Cracks and Check the Foundation

The foundation is the strength of the building. A poor foundation will cause cracks and holes throughout the parking garage. Fill the cracks and potholes immediately and fix the foundation as needed. 

Pick Up the Trash

This statement speaks for itself about parking garage cleaning. A clean area always looks professional. 

Clean Up the Oil Stains

Older vehicles tend to leak oil. This can cause a slipping hazard, and it looks terrible, so oil stain removal is paramount.

Sealcoat the Parking Garage

This will add to the lifespan of the parking lot and the asphalt. It adds to the appearance and reduces water damage.

Let Imperial Power Washing Maintain Your Parking Garage

We handle all that is listed in this article and more. Free quotes are offered, and our clients have trusted us since 1998. Contact us to find out about our commercial parking garage cleaning services provided. 

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