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How Long Does It Take to Clean Commercial Windows?

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Windows are on almost every building, and when they get dirty, it can reduce the light in a room, cause problems looking outside, and it just looks unprofessional on a commercial building. Commercial window cleaning is best kept to professionals because it takes skill to get it with a streak-free shine. Those who want to figure a price beforehand and look at the time frame may ask, “How long does it take to clean a window? 

The honest answer is that there is no set answer due to many factors one may encounter when cleaning a regular or commercial window. Factors such as how big the windows are, how many anchor points there are on the building, the weather, and how dirty the window is. The average per window can take as long as 30 minutes to an hour, if not more. 

The size of the crew is another factor in time frames. The larger the team, the more space is covered in less time. Quotes are made with these factors in mind, along with how many windows and how many levels are within the building. By looking into the details, we can figure out an estimated timeframe. 

The Size of the Windows and How Many Levels Make a Difference

The best thing to do when confronted with a tremendous job is to overestimate. There are always factors unseen by the ground’s eye. If the job is small and takes half a day, consider the factors that are not seen until the start. Estimate the entire workday. 

It may take a week to complete larger jobs with massive windows and many levels. Calculate a week and a half to two weeks. It would not be wise to miscalculate when things out of human control take over and make the job longer and more complex because safety is critical. 

How Many Anchor Points Also Make a Difference  

Commercial buildings, by law, must have anchors to rig up one’s body and tools. If a building has many anchors, the job will go quicker. A structure with few anchors causes a problem. The reason for this is due to movement. When there are few anchors, they are far apart and restrict movement and how much equipment is with each worker. Few anchors could also mean a lot of going up and down to complete each window. 

Looking At the Weather

Anyone who makes a living working outdoors knows the weather can shut down a project anytime. Even if it drizzles or has a mist, it can mess up a job. Whether cleaning a car or a window, it serves no purpose to try to clean windows while it’s pouring down rain. We all have to work around the weather, and for safety purposes, it is never safe to work in a thunderstorm due to lightning strikes. 

Dirtier Windows Take Longer to Clean

Sometimes, customers will wait till the visibility is almost zero before calling a commercial window washing service company. The equipment can handle all the jobs, but it adds to the time, and some have to get a second cleaning to get all the grime off of the windows. 

Imperial Power Washing is Ready to Wash Your Windows

Whether residential or commercial, Imperial Power Washing is ready to clean the windows to let in the sunlight and to look out for better views. If your business feels it’s time to clean the windows, contact us today for a quote, and we can discuss the options. We also do the inside of the windows if requested. 

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