What is the Difference Between Snow Plowing and Snow Removal?

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Many people think that snow plowing and snow removal are synonymous, but they are not the same things. While there are very important differences, they both do have the same end result, which is getting rid of the snow and ice from your driveway, parking lot, or other areas.

What is Snow Removal?

The term snow removal refers to the process of removing all of the snow on a property. It literally means removing the snow by truck so that all driveways, sidewalks, and even backyards are free of snow. This process requires heavy machinery, such as bulldozers or backhoes, to remove all of the snow that has fallen onto a property.

The process of snow removal is very expensive, but it can be very well worth it to keep people safe. For instance, if you own a business, it may be better to remove all the snow from the parking lot and sidewalk areas than to simply plow it. This is because as the snow melts, water forms which can then freeze and turn to ice, leaving sidewalks, steps, driveways, and parking lots slippery and dangerous.

What is Snow Plowing?

When it comes to snow plowing, it is a process of removing snow from certain areas, such as driveways, sidewalks, porches, and steps, by pushing it away from those areas. It is a way to get the snow off of roadways, driveways, and other areas, even while it is still snowing. This is the process used by state and local officials to keep roadways open and clear whenever snow falls.

Plowing snow is a much cheaper process than snow removal. This is because you do not have to have any heavy loading or snow removal equipment to get the job done. A lot of business owners and others prefer this process since it is much cheaper and still effective throughout the winter season to keep parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways clear.

What is Per Push?

If you are a business or homeowner and you have checked into commercial snow removal or snow plowing, you may have already heard the phrase “per push.” that is because it is the way snow plowing is priced which normally includes pushing the snow out of the way to clear driveways, parking lots, and other areas to a place that is safe to store the snow until it melts away. this means that the snow stays on your property but it’s out of the way for your employees, visitors, and customers to make it convenient for them and much safer. “Per push” is used to describe the amount of money it will be each time the snow has to be plowed on your property. For example, a company may charge $200 per push. If they have to plow the snow in your parking lot six times over the winter, you will need to pay a bill of around $1,200. Keep in mind that your property needs to be large enough for a truck with a plow or a smaller tractor with a plow on the front to maneuver around the area to be able to push the snow out of the way.

Time for a Haul

If you sign up for snow plowing and then a bad winter with a ton of snow occurs, you may end up also having to pay for snow removal. This is due to the fact that if a property runs out of places to store the snow that has been pushed aside until it melts in the springtime, there is no other choice than to remove some of the snow.

Snow removal and hauling the snow away are much more expensive than simply plowing it. Companies will need two pieces of equipment to remove the snow and a large loader big enough to carry the snow away. Some locations may even require more than one truck to haul the snow away, depending on how large the property is that is being taken care of.

If your property no longer has room for snow to be stored but it is not hauled away, damage can occur. This is because snow piles end up being pushed into parking lots and the snow begins to build up around parking areas and even walkways. This means if your property does not have a large amount of free space where snow can be stored, you will instead need to sign up for snow removal.

Enlist the Assistance of Professionals

The snow plowing and snow removal experts at Imperial Power Washing offer plowing and snow removal from a variety of areas. The imperial professionals have the experience it takes, as well as the equipment, to remove snow from your property so it does not kill your plants, bushes, and trees and will not damage your roof or other areas of your home. They will work diligently to ensure that visitors to your home or customers to your business are kept safe from snow and ice that could cause them to fall and injure themselves.

Do not waste any time and call upon the professionals at Imperial Power Washing today to sign up for snow plowing and snow removal from the experts.

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